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Wedding Dressing for the Older Bride

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Congratulations if you are planning your wedding as an older bride!

Whether it’s your first or second wedding it’s a very exciting time. But deciding what to wear on the big day can pose extra challenges for the older bride.

older bride and goom

The beauty of deciding what to wear as an older bride is that you are more likely to know your own style and not feel under pressure to conform to ‘norms’. The downside is that many bridal boutiques don’t cater specifically for older brides.

There is nothing wrong of course with going for full on froufrou whatever age you are. It’s your day and you shouldn’t feel that you have to follow any ‘rules’ for an age-appropriate wedding dress. However, we find here at Frock Goddess that many older brides do want to pair it down a little. It can be hard to find something that feels bridal and fabulous, but that you feel comfortable and confident in.

We’ve got plenty of advice and tips about what to look for, as well as some of our favourite Frock Goddess looks for brides in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.

Where to Start for wedding dress inspiration?

A great place to get inspiration is by taking a look in your own wardrobe. What items of clothing do you love? Which are your ‘go to’ pieces? Why do you love them?

Most older brides will have built up a knowledge of what suits them and what they feel comfortable in. This is a good place to start when thinking about what style to wear on your wedding day. You are unlikely to feel comfortable for example in a floaty ‘boho’ wedding dress if your key wardrobe pieces are all fitted with clean lines.

Having said that it is good to be open minded to new ideas!

Sleeves or No Sleeves?

Here at Frock Goddess, we find that many more mature brides want to cover up their arms. If this is you then you will find lots of wedding outfits available with sleeves. Cap or flutter-style sleeves will give you enough coverage whilst looking gorgeous.

chiffon wedding dress with floaty sleeves

Or you could consider lace or illusion sleeves. Three quarter length sleeves also work well as they flatter your hands and wrists.

Lace see through wedding dress with long sleeves

Another option is to have a cover up over your arms, or detachable sleeves during the day which you can fling off in the evening if you want to once you are ready to party!

There are no rules though; and as an older bride you certainly should not feel obliged to cover up. Talking of which.....

....Don't be shy of sexy styles.

Gone are the days when women are expected to “dress for their age”. Who says that you can’t do sexy at any age?

If you want to show off your curves or some flesh then go for it! There are many ways you can do this and still look elegant and classy.

A good rule of thumb not to have more than one expanse of flesh on show at the same time. So for example if your dress is very short it may be best to avoid a very low cut neckline.

We think that this long backless number would look great on a bride of any age.

White or something a little different for your wedding dress?

Gone are the days when older or second brides shouldn’t wear white! But colour can be a great option too and can be especially good for a second or intimate wedding .

Or if you are feeling really adventurous then you could go for a black wedding dress. This timeless style will never date and can be worn as a cocktail dress after the wedding.

vegan silk black knee length dress with belt and pockets

Think outside the bridal box.

Wedding dresses aren’t for everyone so consider separates if you want a more relaxed look. They can be dressed up for your wedding day to create your own unique look and look effortlessly bridal.

The beauty of separates is that you can mix and match these pieces into your wardrobe after the wedding.

These looks are perfect for a City Hall/Registry Office wedding.

A pair of white wide leg trousers paired with a simple cami top really suits the older bride who's looking for an minimalist style; or a Registry Office wedding.

vegan silk bridal vest top and white organic cotton bridal trousers

Or you could opt for a pretty non-white skirt which can be dressed up on your wedding day with heals and a pretty top; and then worn with a T-shirt and flats afterwards.

gold jacquard long skirt

Where to shop?

The thought of shopping in a traditional bridal boutique fills some brides with dread. And the thought of spending thousands on your dress and having to wait up to a year to collect it is less likely to be appealing to an older or second time around bride.

Many high street shops offer bridal options although some are online only.

Of course at our Stockport studio here at Frock Goddess we offer low key, laid back ready to wear options which are perfect for the older bride who wants to look fabulous without the fuss and expense of traditional bridal shopping. Feel free to drop in during opening times. If you would prefer to make an appointment you can do so via this link.

Whatever you choose to wear have fun and don't be afraid to express the extraordinary woman that you are!

Jen x



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