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Welcome to Frock Goddess 

I'm Jenny. 

My mission is to give women the opportunity to get married without the expense and waste that often comes with wedding territory. 


I love simple, low waste design and using sustainable fabrics.  I have also collected some amazing vintage pieces over the years - some of which I will re-work or use the fabric if it is beyond wear.

I started this business after my second wedding at Victoria Baths Manchester in 2017.  I was in my 40s and didn't want the bling and fuss of a big fancy wedding. My husband and I are both creative and didn't have lots of spare cash.  We decided to do as much as possible ourselves.  That's me in the picture wearing the dress that I made myself of course!

It got me thinking that there must be many other women like me who want a stylish wedding but don't want to spend a fortune or create lots of waste.

In addition to the fashion I also stock a fabulous range of all things wedding related - from hair pieces, bags, and garters to gifts, confetti, and cards.  In fact you don't need to be getting married or going to a special occasion to find beautiful goodies that you'll love.

Everything I stock is produced by small independent businesses and is ethical and sustainable.

Wedding at Victoria Baths Manchester

My Fashion Credentials ...

I have have been sewing since I was 15 years old and have been passionate about fashion, design ever since.  

I have several qualification in fashion design and construction including an NVQ in Fashion Design; and Advanced Pattern Cutting qualification; and a recent qualification on Advanced Construction from the London School of Fashion.

I am obsessed with dresses!  My studio is my happy place,

However, I am mindful that fashion creates waste.  I therefore use sustainable fabrics and particularly love using deadstock fabrics and fabrics leftover from other projects for smaller items.  I also love re-working pieces that are no longer wearable.  Therefore, when you buy from Frock Goddess you can feel confident that you are making a sustainable and ethical choice.

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