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Top Tips for a Warm & Stylish Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can be so romantic and feel unique. They are also often cheaper than summer weddings so are becoming an ever-popular option. But they do present very different challenges to summer weddings mainly due to cold weather and shorter days.

Here are some of our top tips for a stylish, and cosy winter wedding.


Style Tips for the Bride

Every bride wants to look beautiful and stylish on her wedding day but, in the winter, she also needs to think of ways to keep warm.

There are many ways of adding a bit of warmth to the bridal outfit whilst still looking amazing such as:

Long Sleeved Dresses

Gorgeous statement sleeves look elegant whilst also taking the chill off a bride's arms.

Bridal jackets

Photo Baseler and Holmes Photography

A custom created white leather jacket is such a cool way of keeping warm.


Photo Baseler and Holmes Photography

We love these white boots for keeping the bride's feet warm, and of course they can be worn over and over again after the wedding!


A faux fur stole is super elegant and will keep any bride nice and toasty

A bridal beret

Photo Bailey & Mitchell Photography

A bridal beret by Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe is a super chic alternative to a veil, and doubles up to keep your head warm.

Accessories for the Bride

Hair Accessories

A beautiful vintage jewel hairband in ice blue colours would look gorgeous at a winter wedding. Take a look here at the collection available exclusively at Frock Goddess.


Deep colours or rustic flowers work particularly well for winter weddings.

The Wedding Party Style


Consider having your bridesmaids wear a rich winter colour such as red, rust, dark blue, or forest green

Buttonholes and accessories

Again rich, deep colours such as red work particularly well for winter weddings.

Keeping Your Guests Warm & Happy

The last thing you want on your wedding day is cold, damp and miserable guests. Here are some ideas for keeping everyone warm and cosy on the day

Serve plenty of hot drinks and food

Consider mulled wine instead of bubbly as a welcome drink

Serve plenty of hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate – you could have this set up as a specific coffee ‘bar’ area so that people can help themselves. And you might want to give those hot drinks a kick with a touch of something stronger added!

Also, your guests will appreciate hot starters such as soup and a comforting hot desert such as apple crumble and custard rather than something cold.

Keep time outdoors to a minimum

You will want to have some photos outdoors but keep the time that your guests are outside with you to an absolute minimum as they will be doing a lot more ‘standing around’ than you so will be getting cold.

Make sure your venue is properly heated

Wedding ceremonies and receptions in in marquees and barns etc can be oh so romantic but they are prone to getting chilly. So do check in advance how well heated the venue will be in the winter.

Provide blankets for your guests

Consider having lots of baskets throughout with plenty of cute blankets for your guests to use to keep warm. Everyone will really appreciate the thoughtfulness and the chance to stay nice and snuggly.

Thanks for reading!


Jen x



All photographs not credited were obtained via Unsplash

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