Planning your wedding during lockdown

If you are a couple who has had to postpone your wedding because of lockdown: here are some tips of things you can do now to keep focused on the big day; and make use of your time to start preparing in advance.

It's hard not to feel despondent right now. Not only does the new date seem so far away; the reality is that some of your plans might have to change for practical or financial reasons. Either you are looking at a smaller, more intimate wedding than you had originally planned; or you are having to consider a more DIY approach than you had in mind.

On top of the pain of postponing the big day there is currently no real end in sight to the lockdown situation; therefore many of us who don't have small children, caring responsibilities, or aren't working full time have more time on our hands.

These ideas will keep your mind focused on the big day; give you something constructive to do with your time; save some cash; and perhaps help you learn a few new skills in the process! Many of these are worth trying even if you are not planning a wedding.

1. Learn to choreograph your first dance

If you have time on your hands; a great way to do something together would be to take some online dancing lessons together to teach yourselves a routine for your first dance.

Not only will this surprise and delight your guests on the big day; but it’s a bonding and fun thing to do together during lockdown.

Many companies are offering online first dance classes at the moment such as First Dance UK.

2. Learn calligraphy

Wouldn’t it be great to write out beautiful invites for your guests? Taking some time to learn calligraphy could help you do just that (and possibly save some money on the invites too). You could either order a book online or join an online course. A good resource for equipment and tips is at Learn Calligraphy UK

3. Start a playlist

If you are saving money by not having a DJ then it’s a good idea to start a playlist of music as early as possible before the big day. Add songs gradually every time you think of a new one so that your playlist can g