How to have a beautiful wedding on a budget

Updated: Oct 20

With so many weddings delayed or postponed because of Covid, couples are desperate to finally get on with celebrating their big day now restrictions have been eased.

And it’s so easy to get carried away when planning a wedding. You want everything to be perfect but before you know it your carefully planned wedding budget has become a distant memory.

In this blog we explore how to have a beautiful and memorable wedding whilst keeping the cost and waste down.

Cool ways to keep the cost down with your wedding breakfast

Luckily people don’t expect a 3 course sit down meal at weddings anymore and there are loads of creative ways you can feed your guests whilst sticking to your wedding budget in a way that makes your wedding memorable.

One option is to hire a street food cart to serve favourites such as fish and chips, pizza, or burgers. Your guests will love the informality of this option.

Another option is to consider afternoon tea rather than a formal meal. This can be a very special but affordable, laid-back option.

If you are on a tight budget for your wedding, consider planning your ceremony later in the afternoon so that you only have to feed your guests a full meal once in the day. No-one will notice or mind!

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Consider your wedding guest list

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