7 tips for finding a sustainable wedding dress

Updated: Oct 20

We are delighted to see the growing trend for sustainable and ethical weddings. This, with the need micro weddings at the moment, means that many brides are looking at sustainable, eco friendly, and ethically made dresses.

But where to start? In this blog we share our favourite tips for finding sustainable and eco friendly wedding dresses 1. Consider a pre-loved wedding dress

Second hand or vintage dresses are a great sustainable and budget friendly option.

One way of doing this is to borrow a dress from a friend or family member who is already married. Not only is this a fabulously sustainable option; but there is something magical about wearing a dress that has previously been worn by someone close to you. This nicely ticks the ‘something borrowed’ box too!

Princess Beatrice recently did this in style by wearing a dress borrowed from her Grandmother, the Queen for her wedding.

If borrowing a dress from someone you know is not an option, there are many companies who specialise in selling pre-loved dresses. You could try the fabulously cool Flamingo Bridal.

Also some charity shops have dedicated wedding dress departments. Or you try grabbing a bargain on sites such as Ebay or Depop.

2. Upcycling a bridal gown

If you can’t find exactly what you want buying pre-loved then upcycling a previously worn dress is another great option.

There are many specialist upcycling dress services and the possibilities are endless.