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Eco-Friendly Honeymoons

Starting to think about booking a honeymoon? Want something unique, romantic, but also ethical? In our guest blog this month Lizzie from Not Just Travel shares some of her tips for eco-friendly honeymoons.

The majority of honeymoons come in packages, with newly-weds jetting off to stunning beachside destinations ready for lounging by the pool. An eco-resort, offers a different take on the classic post-wedding getaway. Guests get to enjoy a sustainable honeymoon that won't harm the environment and a chance to connect better with nature.

With nature tours, outdoor yoga, mood-based custom cocktails, healing ceremonies and ethically sourced and nutritious food, these eco-resorts let honeymooners unwind with nature, appreciate luxury and have the peace of mind that they are actively preserving the environment. I can help incorporate being green into planning your honeymoon!

A great example is the…Campi ya Kanzi, Kenya

Campi ya Kanzi (Camp of the Hidden Treasure) is an award-winning, boutique eco-lodge in Kenya that sets a new standard for luxury safaris that are also ecologically low-impact. It demonstrates that you can have the comfort and service of a top hotel without compromising on your green credentials. Not only can you enjoy a luxury break, but you will be helping to support a meaningful conservation project.

Campi ya Kanzi was built using only local materials that had fallen from trees naturally and their water is sourced from the rain using their special catchment system.

Secondly, Costa Rica is leading the way as one of the world’s most successful eco-tourism destinations and is renowned for its abundance of pristine beaches, lush rainforests, volcanoes, fascinating wildlife and incredible natural beauty. Impressively, 98% of the country’s electricity came from renewable sources in 2016 alone.

Thank you to Lapas Rios for the use of this image.

The Lapa Rios Lodge is surrounded by over 1000 acres of protected rainforest and sits adjacent to the Corcovado National Park which is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Guests will stay in a thatched roof bungalow and can take advantage of the salt-based pool, yoga classes and Ayurvedic massages. They have several community-based initiatives which includes installing water pumps and solar panels to supply clean water & electricity to local communities. Why not volunteer?

The list doesn’t end there, Kenya, Switzerland, Italy, Vietnam Cambodia & Botswana also offer some of the best go-to green destinations.

Carbon Offset

Not everyone is aware that you can offset your carbon emissions by buying carbon credits. But what exactly are carbon offsets? A form of trade when you purchase an offset, you fund projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Some airlines have already committed to offsetting their carbon footprint on behalf of their customers, but if you want to make absolutely sure, you can calculate your carbon emissions for your upcoming trip and donate to climate protection projects.

Note from Frock Goddess:-

Lizzie is super helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable (and well travelled!). She would be happy to discuss any aspects of your honeymoon planning with you and can be contacted via her website and various social media channels such as instagram, Facebook, and linked-in

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