Wedding Celebrant, accredited by Humanists UK

As a Humanist, I try to live an ethical life and tread lightly on the planet. I bring this to my work by supporting couples who aspire to the same principles and want to consider the sustainable element of their wedding. I support couples to think creatively and sustainably by helping them to plan their personal ceremony. Often their ceremony has an aspect of environmentalism / sustainable thinking, usually represented in their rituals: Examples include hand-fasting where I encourage use of recycled strips of fabric (which hold some significance to the couple); tree-planting to symbolise a new life together; an exchange of sustainably crafted or vintage rings. I help couples write their personal vows which often incorporate their commitment to the environment as well as to each other. Often the ceremonies I lead are outdoors and in nature.

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Humanist Wedding Celebrant and Vow Renewals

I make every effort to consider the sustainability of my practice.  I’m a wedding celebrant but I also work part-time for a big environmental project so sustainability is always at the forefront of my mind.  As a celebrant, I’m not selling ‘things’ so my footprint is quite small to start with, and largely around travel. I have a small car and I plan my travel carefully.  I help couples celebrate their wedding a natural way that respects the environment and the special places they choose to hold their ceremony.  I help them prioritise the meaning in their ceremony which can help them be more thoughtful and considered in what they choose and what they decide they don’t need.  And everyone’s day is richer for that, whilst their overall wedding footprint is so much lower.

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PLUS as a business I have started an Ecologi forest.  Every month my subscription pays for trees to be planted and my business carbon to be offset.  And for every wedding that I conduct I add a spinney of 100 trees in the couple’s name to my @ecologi_hi forest. More details of this project can be found here  

Children's Clothing
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The Children's Couturier

Dawn Clarke Designs are all about creating ethically handcrafted and bespoke children's wear of the highest quality for very special occasions.

With sustainability and ethics at the forefront of our minds, we use fabrics sourced in the UK, and ensure that green energy powers the sewing machines too!

Dawn truly loves working closely with every bride throughout the whole process, starting with designing the outfits together, and choosing embellishments and fabrics.  She also encourages brides to incorporate fabrics from treasured family items carefully stitching together 'something old' and 'something new' that's bespoke, sustainable and much more meaningful for the bride and groom.

Previous examples of commissions include flower girl dresses made from family wedding gowns and a grandfather's blue and grey herringbone tweed jacket reworked into a little boy's waistcoat and vintage inspired shorts.

If you would like to learn more please click here, or give Dawn a call.  It would be her absolute joy to have a no obligation telephone call and talk through some lovely ideas.

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Handmade eco-bunting to hire for events

All our bunting is handmade using fabrics that we have repurposed. Any suppliers of sundries we use are UK- based. By hiring our bunting rather than buying, it means it can be reused time and time again, therefore reducing unnecessary waste.

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Vintage & Preloved bridal & bridesmaid dresses 

All of our dresses are preloved and sourced from within the U.K. Even our premises - a vintage caravan - is preloved! 

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Dress and Tailoring Services
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We use either remnant or organic cloth to suit the clients budget.  Pay a living wage to all we work with.  Give back to projects helping people, planet and animals around the world, through Buy1Give1.  We only make clothes to order as there does not need to be more unneeded clothes pilling up.

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Bespoke Bridal & Occasion wear Designer

Creating beautiful, luxurious, eco-conscious bridal gowns and accessories. Ethical can still mean luxury! Our fabrics and haberdashery are carefully selected from transparent companies, and our garments are handmade in the U.K. We create new dresses from sustainably sourced fabrics as well as customising and prolonging the life of vintage gowns. In all of our work we use minimal waste processes and even small pieces of leftover fabric are useful.

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Bespoke re-mastering of wedding dresses

Unbridaled London is about re-mastering wedding dresses.  We focus on life after the dress, the dress worn only once; and re-design it into a number of wearable items ; turning one sentimental garment into many for men, women and children.

We provide a premium service tailored to the clients needs.  Executing each item with meticulous precision and detail and using traditional hand crafted sewing and dying methods.  Through a consultation, we assess the fabric of your dress and think up ideas together to re-master the dress you once said your vows in and remake it into something else beautiful.

Turn your dress into a pyjama set, nighty,  lingerie, dressing gown, kimono, dress, skirt, top, gifts for your bridesmaids, pocket squares, and boxers for your husband; or perhaps a christening dress for your first born, and many more.

There are so many options and each garment will be personalised and one of a kind.

Contact - unbridaledlondon@gmail.com


Stationery & Décor

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All materials I use are recyclable, reusable or biodegradable. I’m conscious to minimise my carbon footprint, choosing to work with local, UK suppliers where possible. My packaging is always plastic free and I give 5% of every order to charity!

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Sustainable Wedding Stationary & Bespoke Design

Beautiful handmade wedding stationery for mindful couples about to begin their wedding journey. Specialising in considered delicate designs blended with sustainable materials. Ellie and Liv will guide you through your wedding stationery, designing save the dates, wedding invitations and on-the-day items. Ensuring every element of your wedding stationery reflects your love for one another. Using recycled and FSC certified papers, all stationery is recyclable and bound together with recyclable or reusable finishings. The environment at the heart of the Ellie and Liv studio, creating wedding stationery that is a little bit kinder to the world we live in.

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Wedding Scent Service / Candles
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Wedding Scent Service

I began creating candles purely because I am obsessed with the power of scent and the feeling and memories that can be evoked. Like listening to music, smelling a certain fragrance can instantly transport you back to those special moments in your life. By scenting your wedding, you are, from the moment you wake up, creating memories and a really special experience. Enjoy the scent filling the room whilst you get ready, then the same fragrance, you carefully chose, will fill the air in your wedding venue. The candles are created in stunning and elegant cut glass jars which look just beautiful even before they are lit. Your guests can then take home a miniature version, so they too can remember your day. Anniversaries, holidays, birthdays... you will forever be able to transport yourself back by the simple light of a candle. What a beautiful and special way to remember your day.


I can cover all over mainland UK.

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Wedding Planner

Wedding and Event Planner

Kay Mea Designs

We help socially conscious couples make the best earth-friendly choices as they're planning their weddings or events. We design weddings to have the least environmental impact through our commitment to using reusable items, reuse items where we can, donate what we can, and ensure that foods are either recycled, composted, or donated. Likewise, we'll ensure your dinner service only provides the correct amount of food, therefore cutting back on extraneous waste. We're committed to eliminating the use of single-use plastics, foams, and other non-biodegradable decors at your wedding. In addition to these planning techniques, we hire local artists to execute your vision. We do this to support local economies, additionally, this cuts back on the wedding's carbon footprint. Last but not least, we believe in making the world a better place through every event. For every event produced with use, we will make a donation to the charity of the client's choice.  

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